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“Being the first batch of a SCOE, was itself very special experience. Getting that special attention from all the professors was the best thing, what I enjoyed across my engineering college journey. Not just teaching staff but also non teaching staff was super friendly which just added flavour of sweetness and fun. And the backing from the College Management made me stronger and stronger on my way ahead. Such positivity from each and every corner of SCOE made my engineering life a whole lot easier than what it is actually supposed to be.”

“I was part of E&TC dept for those ‘4 very special years’ and it was like a drive through vehicle which led me to achieve one of the biggest milestones of my life. I was always supported by my professors in all the aspects, be it studies or the extracurricular activities. Especially, Manjusha Madam, our HOD was the biggest supporter and guide in some of the tough times which we rarely had though. Overall, the feeling of passing out with good scores was definitely great but at the same time the feeling of end of college journey was equally painful.”

“In the end I would like to say that I will definitely love to stay connected with SCOE in some or the other way, forever if possible……..”

Kishor Shelke is a Service Assurance Manager in International Long Distance Business department in Reliance Communications Ltd.