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Drama Club of SCOE

In our drama club , we explore new worlds, people from different times and places and learn about different perspectives and ways of thinking. Exploring these things can give us the skills needed to be creative and imaginative. In an ever-changing world, having a creative and imaginative approach is so important for thinking ‘outside the box’ and coming up with new and interesting ideas and solutions. Our improvisational activities and games encourage students to come up with ideas and respond imaginatively to a range of scenarios.

Teamwork is undoubtedly an essential element of drama – without it, no theatre plays and performances can be performed. Our drama workshops are a strong platform to foster and develop teamwork in our members.

The major objectives of this club are to:-

  • Socio-culture: Students can make new friends and improves social interaction and enhance their creativity by coming out of practical life and enter into the world of imaginations
  • Self Expression: Students will become more expressive in thoughts by way of their act and impressions
  • Confidence: students improve levels of confidence by shedding away the shyness by performing in front of huge audience by giving off their best
  • Fun: Totally it creates a huge positive impact on once carrier
  • So, at the end, the objective of the Drama Club is to inspire the students to use their creative and artistic abilities to give some social message to the world. It promotes creative expression through the art of theater and live performance.