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Student’s Council

SCOE Student council

What is a Student Council?

Student Council of Saraswati College of Engineering provides a strong platform for knowing the self quality for making team building, leadership quality, making a relationship with college affinities, college affairs, staff and management of the college.

SCOE Student Council or student body is active for a curricular or extracurricular activity for students within college and inter-college. Student Council also participated in generating new innovative ideas with the student, share new thoughts with the help of staff and teachers. Student Council has another responsibility to make college events successful with all of the joy, making funding for another extracurricular activity or task to provide the student with a sporty environment.

Student Council Role

  • To promote the interests of the students.
  • To assist and advise the students.
  • To be a connecting link between the student, teacher, and management.

 Responsibilities of the Student Council

  1. Conduction of the Institute Annual Day every year.
  2. Smooth conduction of Foundation Day every year.
  3. Conducting Fresher’s day every year.
  4. Responsible for the safety of juniors from ragging, by staying friendly environment. Always ready to help the management staff whenever necessary.
  5. Council Member has the creative mind to make changes, for the betterment of student personality, improvement of the administrative structure.
  6. Council Members are very helpful at every event of college, with the fluency of smart work.
  7. Motivating the junior students and weak students for improving their personal development skills, technical knowledge by arranging the smooth seminars, workshops.
  8. Encouraging innovative and creative skills of undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  9. Organize the programs in the campus to improve the cleanliness and greenery in the campus.
  10. Doing other activities to improving the knowledge of students towards their passion.
  11. Maintenance of peace and harmony among the campus community in general and student community in particular.