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The significance of engineering

“Engineering is the Art of directing the great sources of power n nature for use and convenience of man” – Thomas Tredgold


Looking back at the history of our modern society, have you ever wondered, what made it what it is today?

Would the world have been similar had engineers not been creative, innovative and knowledgeable?

Truth be told, this is the only reason that India has seen an exponential number of Engineers being prepared with every passing year.

Be it healthcare, transportation, entertainment, space, almost everything requires brilliant engineering.

Transformation of mankind from just theory on paper to its practical implementation is what sets Engineering apart.

Saraswati College of Engineering (SCOE) has been established to prepare a generation of engineers with expertise in creating innovative solutions using their talents to make our lives simplified.

At SCOE, we believe in the same passion and innovation that would benefit our generations by merging technology with Engineering, and staying ahead of times.

We prepare our future generation with the capability to change our tomorrow with various Engineering genres, such as –


  • Computer Engineering – Deals with major problem solving using the knowledge of computers and how they operate working around latest technologies persistent today.


  • Mechanical Engineering – Deals with creating latest machines and mechanical systems using design, analysis, manufacturing and implementation techniques.


  • Civil Engineering – Deals with the construction, designing, and building of new age technology infused structures and projects such as, buildings, roads bridges, dams, flyovers, etc.


  • Automobile Engineering – Deals with automobile technologies building, manufacturing and designing vehicles for the future and the present.


SCOE has seen tremendous growth since its establishment in 2004. We are glad to be one of the best engineering colleges in Navi Mumbai.

As rightfully stated by Albert Einstein – “Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that has never been”, we believe in this statement and hence aspire to be the best and leading technical research institution with the aim to upgrade humanity with our creative minds – our students!

With the futuristic and progressive aim of creating a Center of Excellence in Engineering and research for our students, we have equipped our college with the latest and modern infrastructure facilities, such as state of the art labs for our future engineers to carry out their research experiments, and much more.

Engineering as your future career option?

Considering the ever-advancing technologies, huge developments in science and software, Engineers are currently high in demand with higher pay packages as compared to any other field in existence and this scenario would continue even into the future.

Our tie-ups with over 500+ reputed companies has made it possible for every engineer graduating from SCOE to get various opportunities in the field of engineering.

Almost over 10000+ engineers have been graduated from SCOE with flying colours landing in lucrative jobs with numerous companies.

Engineering is a never-ending field of innovations coupled with creative thinking.

So if you are an aspirant who is not afraid of taking up challenges and wants to bring about a change in the society for the betterment by applying his/her creative and innovative approaches, then SCOE is the right place for you and your brighter future.

Come join us in this quest to innovation in engineering. Admissions are open now for the 2019-20 batches.

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