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Saraswati College of Engineering

Saraswati College of Engineering is a premier engineering institution, established for the purpose of imparting state of art technical education to newly aspired engineers of the 21st Century. We dream to be a leading research organization with a dream and vision of creating a knowledgeable society. The foundation of Saraswati College of Engineering was laid on 17th September 2004 and since then the college has been growing leaps and bounds. The growth of any worthwhile endeavor, especially in the field of education depends to a considerable extent on the selfless service and dedication of the people working for it. The most important feature of the Saraswati Education Society and Saraswati College of Engineering, which is quite different from other such organizations is that it is based on collective effort made by every individual, working with a spirit of team work. Long term planning, meaningful administration and a dedicated and experienced work force, a full fledged library and well equipped laboratories are few of our strong points which are worth mentioning.

Saraswati Education society lays special emphasis on providing the best possible infrastructure for learning in all its campuses. All the existing and upcoming institutions of the Society are provided with spacious buildings to accommodate reception, office,classrooms, staff rooms, drawing halls, laboratories, workshop, library, computer centre, auditorium, conference halls,examination hall, recreation centre for staff and students, sports rooms, canteen, and placement cell. All the buildings have been elaborately furnished and fitted with the necessary fixtures. There is a 24-hour back up in case of power failure, so that the teaching and practical work are not hampered.


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Dr. Manjusha Deshmukh
Principal , SCOE

Mr. Amar A. Shinde

Dr. Sunil M. Rangari
HOD, Civil Engineering Department

Prof. Vaishali Jadhav
H.O.D, Information Technology Department

Prof. Roshni John
H.O.D, Civil Engineering Department

Prof. Quazi Taquiuddin Zaheeruddin
H.O.D, Automobile  Engineering Department

Prof. Shital Bukkawar
H.O.D, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Department

Dr. Deepa Parasar
H.O.D, Computer Engineering Department

Prof. Madhukar Sorte
HOD, Mechanical Engineering Department

Prof. Sayali Choudhary
Coordinator, Humanities & Engineering Sciences Department


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