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Criteria - 7

7.1.2 5. Bills of LED bulbs

7.1.4. 1.Bills for Rainwater harvesting system installation

7.1.4. 3. Bills and AMC of water tanks

7.1.4. 4.Bills of waste water recycling STP

7.1.4. 5. Bills and AMC of water purifier and coolers

7.1.4 AMC daily Report

7.1.5._(1) Green Campus, Energy and Environment Policy

7.1.5 _(2) Circular for the implementation of the Green campus initiatives 7.1.6_(1) Green Campus, Energy and Environment Policy

7.1.6_(1) Green Campus, Energy and Environment Policy

7.1.6_(2) Report on Environmental activities with caption and date

7.1.7_(1) Bills and AMC of lift ramp disabled washroom facility-merged

7.1.7_(2) Facilities provided for disabled-friendly, barrier free environment in the institution

7.1.7_(3) Software Procured for providing the assistance

7.1.10 _(1) Processidings of Monitoring Code of conduct

7.1.10 _(2) Manual.Handbook on human values and professional ethics

7.1.10_(3) Report on students attributes facilitated by institution

7.1.10 _(4) Code of conduct

Criteria 5