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SCOE Music club


The Music Club(Saptak )of Saraswati College of Engineering was inaugurated in the year 2019 under the guidance of Principal, Dr Manjusha Deshmukh with the objective of providing a platform to cultivate and exhibit talent and to promote music culture and a passion for music amongst the students. The Music club of SCOE is one such platform which provides an opportunity to every individual to enjoy and learn music. It help the students to express themselves confidently and realize their hidden talent and potential to develop their overall personality development. The students are trained to be good singer , good listeners . music lovers and motivate to enhance happiness in society .Group singing performance develop the skill of team work. The club organizes different activities like singing competitions and workshop for the improvement of singing skill of the students. The smooth and effective working of the saptak club is ensured by a Club Head and the executive members who work in co-ordination with the Faculty Co-coordinator under the guidance of the Principal.

Objectives of Saptak Music club

  • The objective of the music club of SCOE is to develop the confidence of singing skill among the students .

  • The aim of the club is identifying students who are interested to vocal and instrument playing .

  • The club organizes various activities like singing competitions, workshops ,jamming sessions etc . Students are given stage practice for overcoming stage fear and improving solo singing and group singing.

  • To Provide opportunities of singing and to give theoretical and practical knowledge to the interested students .

  • To develop organizational skills in students through creating bands and managing concerts.

  • To foster leadership skills in students through practice and musical performances

  • To develop critical listening ,analyzing skills and enhance the enjoyment for music

  • To engage musically talented and experienced students in club’s activities

  • To maintain the progress in their musical skills throughout the academic years.

Roles & Responsibilities of Music Club

  • Roles

  • To train students for solo and group singing and to provide them a platform for performance .

  • Plan to organize various singing competitions where students shall face the audience .

  • To promote every individual, motivate and encourage to spread happiness through music.

  • Coordinate with all club members to achieve the overall goals of the Club and happy environment .

  • To develop listening and analyzing skills

  • Work in Collaboration with other Committee members.

  • Responsibilities

  • Provide the perfect platform for students for solo singing ,group singing and instrument playing .

  • To show unity though group singing and enhance leadership also.

  • Shape singing and listening skills of a student .

  • Free from stage fear and breaking the shyness, young blooming students transformed into confident singers ,instrument players and good listeners

  • Planning, and organizing, programs by the students themselves under the supervision of faculty coordinator.

  • Conducting singing competitions, jamming sessions , group singing ,listening stress reducing music .

  • Ensure that the club’s activities are in accordance with the institution guidelines and within the regulations of university of Mumbai.