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Water an essential element for life, plays a critical role in all aspects of life. The inadequacy in the supply and access to water has become a serious problem. Many people living in poverty, particularly in the developing countries face enormous hardship on daily basis because water supplies are neither sufficient nor not safe. Due to the unavailability of safe and clean drinking water, these people are compelled to consume contaminated water which ultimately affects their health and increases expenditure on curative measures and medicines etc. Shortage of water also has an impact on nation’s economy as majority of the industries use water in some of their production process. The need of the hour is to adopt serious steps towards solving the problem of water shortage and minimization of water pollution. Indian Water Works Association (IWWA) is a voluntary body of professionals concerned and connected with water supply for municipal, industrial, agriculture, recreational and like uses along with treatment, quality management and disposal of waste water. IWWA focuses basically on the entire “Water Cycle” encompassing the environment, Social, institutional and financial issues. Indian Water Works Association (IWWA) has been contributing to the fields of water and waste water since the year 1968. With the environmental degradation taking place over the last few decades’ water is proceeding towards becoming a scare commodity. Assuming a greater responsibility towards protection of water IWWA has decided to involve more of the upcoming generation in its activities. All centers of IWWA across the country will have Youth Forum for water in order to make the young generation aware of the problems in water management and inspire them to think and act for conservation and preservation of water resources by adopting better water management practices.
  • Repertoire

  • 2010 – IWWA had Resolved in meeting at Goa and then at Jodhpur, to form Youth Forum and student chapter for water, to involve students and youth in safeguarding the interest of water sector.

  • 2011- Based on the decision in 2010 and encouraged by the participation of the youth/students in the rally arranged on the eve of 43rd IWWA Annual Convention at SRM University at Kattankulathur in Kanchipuram district at Chennai, formation of Youth Forum and student chapter for Water has been formally declared on 13th January 2011.

  • 2012 – During 44th Annual convention at Raipur, a dedicated session was arranged whereby youth were given the opportunity to interact with Dr. Raman Singh, Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh. Dr. Raman Singh threw light on various issues related to water, raised by the students from engineering and management collages.

  • 2013- Interactive session cum career guidance was observes in the 45th Annual convention of IWWA held at Pune. 2014- In the council of management (COM) meeting held at Bangalore during 46th Annual convention final consent to formation of directorate of Youth- Forum & student Chapter was granted. Hence forth Youth Forum for water includes both Youth Forum as well as Student chapter.

  • Reports for IWWA

  • Ecolution Competition

  • Site Visit at Badlapur WTP

  • Site Visit at Karjat

  • Webinar on Disaster Management

  • Vision for Youth Forum

“The main intention behind formation of Youth Forum is to generate a process whereby there is an easy transfer of knowledge from older generations to younger generations. The retirements of older leaders in the water sector has developed a need of active participation and recruitment of young professionals in water sector for retaining the knowledge, wisdom and experiences gained by the seniors. The Youth Forum for water – IWWA shall constitute of young professionals and students in water and waste water sector who are pursuing diploma, graduation, post graduation, working or in job related to water, waste water, environment belonging to the age group 18 to 35 years. This Forum will strive to provide a best platform to channelize youth energy and would help the upstarts to gate a practical interface. It would help the youths to exchange views, clear doubts and get an opportunity to hear experiences of stalwarts in water sector.” With the vision of serving the society for sustainable development, conservation, and judicious utilization of water, the Youth Forum for water will work in all in all 32 centers of IWWA spread along the length and breadth of the country.
  • Mission of Youth Forum

  • To bring young professionals and students in water and waste water sector who are pursuing diploma, graduation, post graduation, working or in job related to water, waste water, environment belonging to the age group 18 to 35 years under one umbrella.

  • Transfer knowledge and experience of older generation to new generation

  • Bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge

  • Provide platform to the youth for expressing views.

  • Instill a valve of social responsibility.

  • To create awareness regarding local, regional and global problems related to water and its remedial measures.

  • To acquaint the youth with various policies on water issues.

  • To prepare youth as a medium for social change. Structure of Youth Forum in each centre Directorate

  • Structure of Directorate Youth forum

Director Youth Forum shall constitute of committee of 5 to 7 persons.
  • Director Youth Forum for water – Nominated as per constitution of the Association

  • Any 2 COM members

  • Water mentors of 3 – 4 most active centers.

  • Activities of local Center

  • Youth Forum shall be a part of all activities of IWWA

  • Shall strive to increase the number of youth members

  • Shall celebrate ‘Students Day’ on 15th October (Birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna and Past President Hon’ble A P J Abdul Kalam and World Water Day on 22nd March every year

  • Organize workshop on personality Development or any topic beneficial to youth every year.

  • Guide students in their project related to water and waste water every year.

  • Arrange field visits and technical headlines

  • Definitions

  • IWWA : Indian Water Work Association-Parent Body

  • School / College a Parent Body is to become IWWA’s Organization Member of IWWA is that at least (4) four years must have been completed from the date the first batch of Engineers must have passed out of the Engineering college. Their Membership fees shall remain same as is for Organization members of IWWA. However it is not mandatory for a college to become organization member to participation in the activities of Youth forum. Also fees of students member will not be waived off if parent college is organization member. Schools & Colleges means any school which is recognized by the respective authority of State and Central Govt., accordingly college hereby means any Graduation / Post Graduation / Research Institution to provide degrees / diploma and which are duly recognized and approved by the State and Central Govt. authorities like UGC/AICT/Universities/Deemed University/ Directorate of Education in respective of disciplines of studies. Also legally established consulting / practicing / working concerns may also join with the permissions of authorities and local center.

  • Youth: As per definition Youth is a person lying in the age group 18 to 35 years, As far as youth member of IWWA is concerned he same has been divided into 2 Sub –groups viz (a) Age group between 18 to 24 years; it will constitute students of school or collages from any discipline with authority of school, college of educational institution. With no income source of their own. (b) Age group 25 to 35 years; it will include consultants / professionals / workers etc in water sector below 35 years. Students under 18 years would be permitted as special case if permitted by school / college and approval of chairman and Secretary of Local Sector. In case of a person who is below 25 years of age but earning, he / she would have to pay regular fees as per largest IWWA guidelines.

  • Youth forum for water: It is a water brigade, a group of members work for IWWA as partners in service to promote and extend the activity of IWWA for the youth and by the youth.

  • Teacher Representative: A teacher from the educational Institute recommended by the concerned educational institute and approved and forwarded by the Chairman and Hon. Secretary of that center.

  • Water Mentor for local center: He / She will be a Life Fellow member of IWWA. He / She will be responsible to promote Youth forum and student chapter for water activities at various local centers under guidance of Director (Youth Forum).

  • Responsibility of IWWA IWWA will provide

  • The platform to organize the activity of youth forum.

  • Technical expertise and guidance to carry out the activity.

  • Support to raise the fund

  • Promotion and release of Press notes, press publication and involve the youth in all majority / events/ functions of IWWA

  • Disclaimer

  • IWWA will not be responsible for any misconduct / illegal act carried out by the Institute / College; Organization – youth / Student Members and Life Members.

  • IWWA will not be responsible for any misconduct / illegal act carried out by the Institute / College; Organization – youth / Student Members and Life Members.

  • Registration

  • Registration of school /college : This shall be done at Local center level. At the time of registration the recognization and approval letter of School/ college should be submitted to Local Center. The Youth forum for water of Particular school / college shall be associated to the local center. School / college should come at least with a minimum group of 20 students so as the activities can be perform smoothly. The Institute has to ensure that membership level of 20 plus is maintained and the dropouts/ replacement inducted with fresh batches.

  • Registration of Youth as member of Youth Forum for water: Youth (age Group 18 to 25 years – with no source of income) – Undergraduates: Admission fees Rs.150/- and Rs.100/- per year. Pursuing post graduation admission fees Rs. 150/- and Rs. 150/- per year. Youth (Age Group 25 to 35 years of below 25 years but earning: As per latest guidelines of IWWA. (GST at 18% extra on above) Local Center shall receive 50% of the fees from HQ to be given to and for operation of the student chapter/ Youth forum for water. The fee can also be on annual breakup basis.

  • Fund Raising

  • Activities of Youth forum and student chapter for water shall be planned with minimum expenses. A concept of self service with minimum carbon footprint shall be followed in organizing the program.

  • Members of local center shall be encouraged to arrange for sponsorers, support events and involve in the function of the centre, such that the members are not required to put personal fund for Youth Forum.

  • Youth forum and student chapter for water shall approach the donors for the fund through the Centre they shall give receipts, keep accounts and get audited with the account of the Center.

  • The excess donations/funds from the head quarter may be given as corpus fund for youth forum.

  • The Local Center may contribute to this corpus fund and keep it is fixed deposits in the band to run the activities on its interest.

  • Members of Youth forum and student chapter for water can take up the activity sponsored by local authority e.g. water harvesting, water conservation, best water utilization, cleaning the riverbank, quality healthy, hygiene and awareness campaign etc.

  • There will be No separate account for the Youth forum for water.