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SCOE Orator's club


The Orator’s Club of Saraswati College of Engineering was inaugurated in the year 2019 under the aegis of Principal, Dr Manjusha Deshmukh, with the objective of moulding the students not only in their communication skills but also enhancing their soft skills and life skills. The orator’s club of SCOE is one such platform which provides an opportunity to every individual to reach the zenith. It caters to help the students to express themselves confidently and realize their hidden potentials by concentrating on their overall personality development. The students are trained to be good orators, good listeners, team workers, anchors, organizers etc through self-learning and practice which is the need of the hour in this competitive society. The club organizes different activities, competitions and debates focusing on the improvement of communicative ability of the students. The club provides opportunities for developing Public Speaking abilities, Communication Skills and Personality Development. Elocution and debate competitions are conducted in the campus to improve the general knowledge and oratory skill of our students. The smooth and effective working of the Orators’ club is ensured by a Club Head and the executive members who work in co-ordination with the Faculty Co-coordinator under the guidance of the Principal.


The objective of the Orator club of SCOE is to develop public speaking skills, confidence and the unique talents of the students The club aims at identifying students who are talented and also creating opportunities for them to sharpen their oratory skills. We believe that students today are the leaders of tomorrow. In today’s competitive world, many people have a phobia for public speaking. We have an Orator’s club to work on communication skills of our students so that they beam with confidence while interacting and in public speaking. The club organizes various activities like competitions, extempore, public speaking, debates, etc focusing on the improvement of communicative ability. Students are given stage practice for overcoming stage fear and improving body language. Our Orators Club focuses on igniting the spark for effective public speaking, enhance articulation skills, eloquence in leadership skills and personal development of our students. This is to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge to real life experiences. The club aims to give opportunities to students to sharpen their oratory skills by developing Public Speaking abilities, Communication Skills and Personality Development. It not only trains them to be good orators, but also teaches them life skills- to get equipped with social manners and etiquette, to bring out their hidden talents with great confidence.
The Orator’s Club also encourages the students to exhibit their talents by participating in Debates, Elocution, Group Discussion as well as Essay competition and Creative Writing. Students are provided an opportunity to write their own creative work- poetry, proverbs, snippets etc.
Orator’s Club has brought a positive attitude among the students that has made a great impact in their overall personality development. The students, who hesitated earlier, now anchor the events of the college like Foundation Day, Independence Day, Fresher’s Day, Annual Day event with more ease and confidence. This transformation from being reluctant to readiness is what is seen in Orator’s Club of SCOE.

Roles & Responsibilities of Orator Club

  • Responsibilities

  • To train students in the art of effective public speaking and to provide them with a platform for expressing themselves in front of a small audience

  • Plan to organize various speech, debate, elocution and poetry competitions wherein students shall face the audience and showcase their public speaking talent.

  • To promote every individual, motivate and encourage in practicing oratory skills

  • Lead forward and be committed to meet the overall goals of the Club

  • Work in Collaboration with other Committee members.

  • Rules

  • Provide the perfect platform for students to give voice to their deepest thoughts with a perfect blend of confidence, vocabulary and expression.

  • Shape the oration skills of a student by not just encouraging them to speak but also making them a good listener.

  • Doing away with stage fear and breaking the shyness, young blooming students transformed into confident orators.

  • Planning, organizing, implementing, presenting and ending of the entire Orator’s Club’s activity being done by the students themselves under the supervision of faculty coordinator.

  • Conducting a wide range of competitions like debates, elocutions, JAM, group discussion, stress interviews, presentations etc.round the year

  • Recruiting, recognizing, rewarding and maintaining orator’s club members every new academic year

  • Ensure that the club’s activities are in accordance with the institution guidelines and within the regulations of university of Mumbai.

  • Maintain accurate financial records and prepare financial statements (e.g. profit and loss statement / budget etc.).