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Indian Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE)

  1. Objective:-

    Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) was formed to bring about the technical development of students by organizing seminars, workshops, industrial visits and other activities and also to improve non-technical abilities of students by engendering good communication skills, managerial abilities, presentation skills and team work.

  2. Duties and responsibilities of the committee/club:-

    1. President:-To co ordinate /manage ISHRAE activates of smooth functioning events
    2. Secretary:-To bring the co ordination between various sub committees and report to President
    3. Treasurer: – To keep record and manage the expenses for ISHRAE
    4. ISTL Head: – To look after ISTL competition preparation by leading it.
    5. Membership Head: – To make team stronger by registering more students.
    6. Technical Head: – To Co-Ordinate Technical activities
    7. Publicity Head: – To publish relevant events in news letter and social media.
    8. Digital Head: – To arrange online meet, webinar, workshops etc.
    9. Documentation Head:-To keep a record the entire relevant document.
    10. Volunteer Head: -To manage the event under ISHRAE
    11. Creative Head: – To find and create the new ideas for ISHRAE cell development
    12. Co-Technical Head: – To assist Technical Head and Miscellaneous work.