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Sports Club of SCOE

Objectives of SCOE sports club

  • To create an sporting community providing the support and opportunities to develop sporting skills and participate in inter/intra sports events within and outside the organization.
  • To help empower members of the sports club to improve their personal/social skills.
  • The aim is to offer their members the opportunity to practice sports and to pass leisure time actively
  • To help organizations develop and maximize the use of sports
  • To provide a healthy sporting habit among the students
  • SCOE sports clubs is focused on competitive sports and competitions.
  • To actively practice physical fitness by utilizing SCOE gymnasium facility thereby encouraging a step towards Fit India Movement

Roles and Responsibilities of SCOE  Sports Club

  1. Role 
  • To  promote every individuals health, physical well-being and encourage practicing sports
  • To inculcate qualities like sportsmanship, team spirit and leadership.
  • Be forward thinker and committed to meet the overall goals of the Club
  • Be able to work collaboratively with other Committee Members

      2.  Responsibilities 

  • Plan, define and deliver the club’s objectives and strategic plan for the future
  • Recruiting, , recognizing, rewarding and maintaining sports club members  every new academic year
  • Staff in charges  and Student members  ensuring that they are run they run the sports club efficiently and effectively
  • Represent the club and the University in matters involving the relevant Competitive events related to sports and gaming.
  • Ensure that the club’s activities are in accordance with the institution guidelines and within the regulations of  university of Mumbai.
  • Maintain accurate financial records and prepare financial statements (e.g. profit and loss statement / budget etc.).