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Nakshatra 2020

Nakshatra “is the annual cultural festival of Saraswati College of Engineering which began its journey in the year 2009-2010. Nakshatra is an inter-college festival wherein other colleges are also invited to participate in all the events being held. The festival goes on for seven days wherein the first few days are celebrated as Chocolate Day, Rose Day, Retro Day, Bollywood Day etc. This is followed by a three-day function that includes stage events like solo and group dances, solo and group songs, mimicry, plays and band performances. Also, technical events like Robotics, PC based games and other events like , face painting, rangoli and mehndi competition are held throughout these seven days.Various sports like box cricket, basket ball, badminton and indoor games like chess and carrom board are also taken part in by students in huge numbers.

Ride For Pride 4.0

A FUND RAISING SUPERBIKES EXHIBITION EVENT in favour of Voice OF Martyrs an NGO working for our SOLDIER’S this events various Superbikes and cars came to participate and exhibits their Bikes ,Cars for students .also Celebrity came to promote the Event like Prajacta Koli,Neha malik ,Twinkle Kapoor, Sanika Pokale,vishake fulpagare ,himanshu visale and many more .in this exhibition students can enjoy various bikes and cars and also roaring of superbikes.after exhibition rally also carried to promote road safety in cooperation with RTO. Fund raise by this event is Donate to an NGO named as “ Voice of Martyrs, Chandigarh ”