For Admissions Contact

9320299474 , 9320299475 , [email protected]

Student Section:9320299474

Accounts Section:9833782506

Placement Officer:9320299477/[email protected]

HR Dept:[email protected]


Objective: –   

                       To mould one’s personality in such a way that one becomes equally competent in all streams of engineering.

Duties and responsibilities of the committee/club: –

Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.

  1. President: -To coordinate /manage CESA activates for smooth functioning of events.
  2. Vice-President: – To assist President and carries out president’s task in his absence.
  3. Secretary: -To bring the coordination between various sub committees and report to President.
  4. Treasurer: – To keep record and manage expenses of CESA
  5. Technical Head: – To Co-Ordinate Technical activities.
  6. Editorial /Documentation Head: -To keep a record the entire relevant document and publish yearly Newsletter.
  7. Cultural Head: -To co-ordinate Cultural activities.
  8. Sport Head: – To co-ordinate Sport activities.
  9. Social Activity Head: – To co-ordinate social activities.